The Vice-Chancellor has decided Malmö University’s first year English-taught programmes will be conducted digitally for autumn semester 2020. We hope all of your questions about your upcoming studies are covered in the FAQ below. This content was updated May 15.

General questions

What precautions has the University taken to keep staff and students safe?

To help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Malmö University, as of March 18, has temporarily switched to digital learning.

Are Malmö University's buildings open?

Campus buildings are closed except for the main library for those who need internet access. The switch to digital learning has allowed the University to continue offering teaching and exams remotely, as much as possible. 

You can read more on the webpage for current students


Will the corona outbreak affect when the admissions results are published?

No, the admissions results will be published as scheduled.

Find key dates here

I would like to decline my offer, what do I need to do?

If you, unfortunately, will not be able to start studies with Malmö University, please decline your admission offer in your University Admissions account.

Decline your offer: University Admissions

Application and admission

Can I defer my studies until spring 2021?

Malmö University's programmes start in the autumn semester. It is, therefore, unfortunately not possible to start your studies in the spring.

Can I defer my studies if I cannot commence my studies autumn 2020?

Students admitted to a programme or course can, if there are special reasons, apply for deferment of study commencement. Deferment applications are submitted through the link below.  

More information on deferment

I was conditionally admitted on the basis I must complete my bachelor’s degree. Due to the COVID-19, was unable to finish my bachelor studies. Can I start my studies at Malmö University?

To start master’s studies at Malmö University, students must have a completed bachelor’s degree. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions.

I was not able to complete my upper secondary studies due to COVID-19. Can I start my bachelor’s programme and provide documents later?

To start bachelor's studies at Malmö University, students must have a high school diploma. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions.

Fee-paying students

Will the payment deadline for tuition fees be changed?

The payment deadline has been extended to June 15, 2020. Please use the invoice that was previously sent to you to proceed with your payment.  

Will I be reimbursed if I have already paid my tuition fee and wish to decline my offer?

All refund requests submitted before you register for your courses (enrollment) are approved regardless of the basis for the request.

Such basis include, but are not limited to:

  • rejection of residence permit application;
  • the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus, and/or;
  • deciding not to commence or continue studies.

You can read more about refunds here

What happens with my application for University Housing?

University Housing will cancel all housing applications. If you have made an application, there is nothing you need to do. The housing garauntee will apply for the spring semester 2021. Eligible students will receive an invitation to submit an application in November.  

University Housing

When should I apply for a residence permit for spring semester 2021?

Students will receive more information on when and how to apply for a residence permit during the autumn semester. 

What happens next?

Will Malmö University still be arranging an Introduction Programme?

We will be offering our Introduction Programme digitally. This online experience will consist of recorded and interactive sessions with practical information and social events!

How will I know what to do next?

You will receive more information from the university regarding updates and if and when you need to do something as a student. Please also check back here, on the FAQ.