Welcome to this final seminar

with Eline Wærp, Doctoral student in IMER, Department of Global Political Studies, Malmö University.


Frontex in Wonderland: Banal Securitization and Normalization in the Field of EUropean External(ized) Border Management


Opponent: Polly Pallister-Wilkins, Associate professor, International relations and conflict resolution and governance, University of Amsterdam

Main supervisor: Christina Johansson, Associate Professor in IMER, Department of Global Political Studies, Malmö University.

Co-supervisor: Daniela DeBono, resident academic, Department of Anthropological Sciences, University of Malta.

Readers: Bo Peterson, Professor of Political Science and IMER, Department of Global Political Studies, Malmö University.
Anders Hellström, senior lecturer, Department of Global Political Studies, Malmö University.



The dissertation examines how migration has become securitized and how securitization in turn has become normalized in what it terms the ‘field of EUropean external(ized) border management’, and the role of Frontex’s ‘border knowledge’ in this. It illustrates how Frontex’s risk analysis reports draw on seemingly conflicting discourses of security, crisis and humanitarianism in describing border management as protecting both internal EUropean security and refugees and migrants themselves. Using the concept of inversion, the analysis demonstrates how Frontex’s securitized ‘border knowledge’ normalizes crisis and portrays border management as ostensibly ‘humanitarian’, justifying even more border controls in response to irregularized migration and deaths at the external(ized) borders.

                      The aim of the dissertation is to draw attention to both the explicit and the more banal ways in which this ‘border knowledge’ constructs migration as inherently ‘risky’, and how this works to further normalize the securitization of migration in this field. Critical discourse analysis of Frontex’s annual risk analysis reports from 2010-2021 has been conducted, along with interviews with border guards, Frontex and DG Home officials, and civil society actors to shed light on how they negotiate the dominating discourses and practices in this field.


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