Jacob Lind, PhD candidate, Malmö University

Discussant: Professor Marie Louise Seeberg, Oslo Metropolitan University Abstract

In this seminar, the final version of Jacob Lind’s dissertation will be discussed. In the thesis, children and families' experiences of deportability in Sweden and the UK is discussed in relation to the political context of each society. Special attention is given to how expressions of undocumented children's political agency and the intergenerational interdependency of undocumented families can be understood in light of how migrant children’s rights and vulnerabilities are mobilised for governing their territorial presence and mobility.

In the thesis Lind develops the concept “vulnerablisation” that he defines as the political process of creating the conditions for and attributing vulnerability, which then enables the governing of the “vulnerablised”. He argues that in the context of deportability, humanitarian and paternalistic policies described as aiming to reduce migrant children’s vulnerabilities and increase their rights are often used to legitimise migration control.

The seminar will be held in English.

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