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The Migration Seminar
The Migration Society 2.0 Lecture Series:
How should we (teachers and students) talk about racism in the classroom and in our research?

Miri Song is Professor of Sociology at the University of Kent, in England. Her latest book is: Multiracial Parents: Mixed Race Families, Generational Change and the Future of Race (NYU Press 2017). She is currently working on a Russell Sage Foundation funded project on racially mixed people and the US census with Carolyn Liebler (U. of Minnesota). She is interested in race, racisms, multiracial people, and the politics of ethnic and racial identities.

In my recent work, I have argued that we need to keep talking about race and racism. But how should sensitive topics such as racism be taught in universities? How should teachers and students engage in good practice in increasingly diverse high education settings? Are there any a priori rules that must be followed about what can and can’t be said or queried? These are clearly huge questions. Discussions about ‘difference’ and racisms have become central in many social spheres, including in the media, schools and universities. Learning about, and having discussions about racism, however, is far from easy for several reasons. First, what is meant by ‘racism’ is still highly contentious; secondly, there are now many prohibitions on how we may discuss these issues, including the language that we are able to use in our academic discussions. While this talk focuses upon how we may teach and talk about racism, many of the issues raised in this session may also be applicable to how we debate other highly charged social issues.

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