Associate professorship lecture by Sayaka Osanami Törngren, researcher at the Department of Global Political Studies, Malmö University.

Can we talk about race? Challenging whiteness, privilege and racial color-blindness In the Swedish and Nordic context, analytical concepts such as ethnicity, culture, country of birth or migrant background are applied largely in the field of International Migration and Ethnic Relations in understanding social inequality. The analytical concept of race is still avoided to a large extent, while at the same time the concept of racialization is increasingly used and preferred in academia and in political debates. There are many conceptualizations of racialization (e.g. Lentin, 2008; Miles, 1989), however what various scholars have argued is that “racialization is the process of creating racial categories, or the process by which non-whites have been socially constructed” (e.g. Song, 2014, 115).

In this lecture, I will present my research which highlights the process and the effects of racialization across different contexts and subjects, in order to address why it is important to talk about race.

The lecture is held in English. 

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