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Welcome to the book release of
Intersections between Politics of Culture, Welfare, and Migration in Europe

(eds. Ov Cristian Norocel, Anders Hellström & Martin Bak Jørgensen).

The book is about the discursive concepts of migration in contemporary European politics and shows how the master frames of nostalgia and hope underpin different conceptualisations of migration, national identity and welfare.The books has three thematic sections: Right-wing populist party politics across Europe, the articulation of politics beyond party politics by means of retrogressive mobilisation, and the emancipatory initiatives beyond party politics.

The book shows how the politics of migration affect community building in the 21st century, drawing on both retrogressive and progressive forms of mobilisation. With a focus on frames of nostalgia and hope are used in local, national and transnational settings, in and outside conventional forms of doing politics. It expands on polarised societal processes and external events that have affected the transformation of European welfare systems and the reproduction of national identities.

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The book is available open access


Chair: Ov Cristian Norocel, Gender Studies, Lund University

15.30 – 17.10 Presentations

  • Anders Hellström (MIM, Malmö University) Nostalgia and Hope: Narrative Master Frames in Europe
  • Mahama Tawat (Malmö University) Trouble in the Homeland: How Cultural Identity and Welfare Politics Merge in Contemporary Danish and Swedish Politics
  • Selcen Öner (Baçhsehir University) What makes Turkey and Turkish Immigrants a Cultural Polarization Issue in Europe? Evidence from European Right-Wing Populist Politics
  • Anita Nissen (Aalborg University) The Trans-European Mobilization of “Generation Identity”
  • Katherine Kondor (University of Huddersfield, UK) Invented Nostalgia: The Search for Identity Among the Hungarian Far-Right
  • Martin Bak Jørgensen & Daniel Rosengren Olsen (Aalborg University) Challenging Misconceptions: Danish Civil Society in Times of Crisis
  • María Vivas-Romero & Larisa Lara-Guerrero (University of Maastricht) Latin American Transnational Political Engagement: Steering Civic movements and Cultural Repertoires from the Global City of Brussels
  • Carlo Ruzza (University of Trento) Civil Society Between Populism and Anti-populism

17.10 – 17.30 Discussion