This workshop with Kenneth Mølbjerg Jørgensen will work with storytelling as a concept for re-embedding organizational politics and practice in nature’s life cycles. Storytelling is important for sustainability work in many different ways. Storytelling denotes the way in which we reconfigure events and places into new stories. It furthermore creates continuity between the past and future and helps emplacing ourselves in places and spaces. Importantly, it is also through storytelling that we can extend ourselves in time and space and imagine other futures. The workshop will work with different storytelling practices for changing towards sustainability.

Kenneth Mølbjerg Jørgensen is professor in organisation studies at Malmö University, Department of Urban Studies. His research focuses upon storytelling, sustainability, ethics, power and learning in organisations. His work has appeared in numerous book and articles in among others Organization, Scandinavian Journal of Management, Business Ethics – A European Perspective and The Learning Organization, CBS Press, Oxford University Press, Sage and Nova. Kenneth is program coordinator for the new leadership program, Leadership and Organisation: Societal Challenges and Organizational Changes.

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