We live in a time where the social cohesion of our society is threatened and at risk. We are experiencing social and political conflict that suggest profound disconnections between what we aspire to do or become, and what is possible. Realities and imaginaries often connect poorly, many can’t make ends meet, and divisions between communities, cultures, nations are prevalent. Practices of communication both divide and bridge communities.

In this context, the festival theme, ‘Connections’, draws attention to how the research and practice of communication for social change enhances a variety of connections, both disciplinary, temporal, spatial and relational. How do we connect the past with the present, the realities of the global North and South, the lives in one community to another, or the online media practices with the offline. How are disconnections overcome and connections enhanced?

Scholars, artists, activists and media practitioners will present papers, posters, exhibitions, workshops, and film screenings on the festival’s theme of ‘Connections’.

The Festival is hosted by the Institute for Media and Creative Industries, Loughborough University in London and organised in collaboration with: the Migrant Memory and the Post-colonial Imagination (MMPI) project; and the Rethinking Democracy (REDEM) research platform at Malmö University.