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Serietecknad bild med människor, djur samt logotyper för bl.a Malmö universitet

Welcome to the Contemporary Nordic Comics Research Conference Contemporary Nordic Comics Research Conference at Malmö University. 

The contemporary Nordic comics scene is diverse and multifaceted. A hub for comics in Sweden, the city of  Malmö has been branded The City of Comics with its rich infrastructure of comics-related initiatives including education, research, professional artists’ networks, publishers, comics organizations and The Swedish Comics Archive.

In recent years, academic interest in Nordic comics has increased substantially in disciplines such as comparative literature, media and communication studies, and art history, as well as within the emerging field of comic studies.  

The Contemporary Nordic Comics Research Conference aims to present and discuss current research in Nordic comics, as well as share resources including academic networks, archives, and collaborative projects. A long-term goal is to contribute to the development of both research about Nordic comics and comics research within the Nordic countries through facilitating collaborations between Nordic comics researchers and researchers in other countries with a shared interest in Nordic comics.   

Poster by Coco Moodysson

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Magnus Nilsson
Tina-Marie Whitman
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Saskia Gullstrand


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