Welcome to a discussion about the universality of human rights, cultural diversity and cultural rights. The Museum of Movements, in collaboration with Malmö University, is pleased to welcome UN Special Rapporteur on Cultural Rights Karima Bennoune to Malmö.

Earlier this year, Bennoune presented a report to the UN General Assembly on threats to the human rights system and cultural diversity. The report raises concerns about selective approaches to universality — the exclusion of certain rights, persons or groups and the recognition of only certain civil and political, economic, social or cultural rights as real human rights. The talk will also highlight the practical processes behind the report and its effects on artists, journalists and human rights defenders.

Following the presentation, Ole Reitov will moderate a conversation between Karima Bennoune and journalist Supriti Dahr.

The talk will be held in English. The event is free of charge and open for all. To secure your seat, please make sure to sign up in advance.

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The event marks the first public collaboration between Malmö University and The Museum of Movements. 


Karima Bennoune

Karima Bennoune is Professor of Law and Martin Luther King, Jr. Hall Research Scholar at the University of California-Davis School of Law. She has served as a consultant for UNESCO and has frequently commented on human rights issues for the global media. Bennoune was appointed UN Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights in 2015. Her latest report examines the cultural rights approach to the universality of human rights and the close relationship between universality and cultural diversity.

Supriti Dhar

Journalist and editor Supriti Dhar founded the women’s rights blog Women Chapter, the first online feminist portal in Bangladesh, in 2013. Challenging taboos, it emerged as a progressive platform just years after its creation, Women Chapter received the Global Media Forum People’s Choice Award of the Bobs International Best of Online Activism Award. Since 2018, Supriti Dhar holds the ICORN City of Refuge residency in Norrköping, Sweden.

Ole Reitov

Ole Reitov is a global human rights defender and journalist. In 1999, he co-founded Freemuse, the world’s leading organisation dedicated to defending artistic freedom and acted as Executive Director 2013–2017. In this period, he was the Freemuse representative to the UN Human Rights Council and served as an expert consultant to the UN Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights, Ms Farida Shaheed. He is currently a member of the 2005UNESCO Convention expert facility.

The Museum of Movements

The Museum of Movements is a national museum in development, built brick by brick with the participation of its various stakeholders, such as NGO:s, activist groups, youth and the academia. The Museum of Movements takes on the perspective of the civil society movements on issues concerning democracy and migration.