Very young children gain access to and use digital technology, touchscreen tablets, apps, smartphones and the internet of things, in a pace and extension never witnessed before. In the tech-friendly country of Sweden, this transformation of childhood has hitherto been neglected in research, but calls for attention and needs to be critically analyzed.

The project DigiKids – A day in the Digital Lives of 0-3 year olds are presented (2019-2023, funded by the Swedish Research Council, dnr 2018-01261). The aim of the project is to gain new insights into the ways in which digital technology informs and permeates the everyday lives of young children. The project focuses on 20 children and their families in a time-condensed ethnography, inspired by the ‘A Day in the life’ methodology, involving three visits in each family, and the construction of a thick set of data through interviews, survey, observations and video-recording the children in the domestic sphere.


Ebba Sundin, Associate professor in Media and Communication Studies, Halmstad University. Been part of an international research project on news coverage of refugees and children's interests in news. Member of CoCo-Consortium (Co-designing Collaborative disaster-resilience among young citizens, public agencies and first responders in Europe).

Ulrika Sjöberg, Associate professor in Media and Communication Studies, School of Arts and Communication (K3) Malmö University. My research interests focus around children’s and youth’s media practices and media literacy, cultural citizenship and children’s rights, public agencies’ crisis communication and management to young citizens. Member of CoCo-Consortium.