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Josepha (Joshka) Wessels is a senior lecturer at Communication for Development at K3 with an educational background in visual anthropology and human geography, with regional specialisation in the Arab world.

Currently, she is conducting two VR funded research projects on climate change resilience in urban Sudan (2019-2022) and Syrian refugees in Sweden, Jordan and Turkey (2019-2025). In both projects she applies digital ethnography and participatory photography. In the latter, she is applying a method of participatory 360-video, within an experimental context to investigate the longterm effect on prejudice towards Syrians, through 1st, 2nd and 3rd person perspectives in immersive 360-video and binaural audio.

Throughout her career, Joshka has combined her practice as professional filmmaker with academia. Since 2015, she has been producing interactive cinematic VR experience, winning the award for best VR for her immersive production entitled “Flykten från Sverige”, which was supported by Malmö stad, Film i Skåne and Boost Hbg. Prior to starting her position at MAU in 2019, she worked as a researcher at the VR-lab at Lund University, to lead a one year FORMAS funded science communication project on climate change visualisation using interactive cinematic VR technology. She is interested in the interdisciplinary nexus between technology, natural and social sciences, processes of empathy and sense of presence in processes of immersive communication.

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