The Data Society seminar series is inaugurated by Jay David Bolter, Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology and senior professor at Malmö University. Bolter's lecture is based on his recently published book The Digital Plenitude (The MIT Press, 2019), and he will speak about the impact of digital media on our social and political life, and what he terms the politics of flow.

The politics of flow in our digital society

The impact of digital media on our social and political life is at best ambiguous. Social media allow broader participation but also spread misinformation and foster polarization. Criticisms of the negative impact of social media are mainly directed to the content that is carried on such sites. But there is also a powerful impact from the structure of the media themselves. The most influential and popular programs (the big three: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) engage us as users in a particular way that we can call flow. When digital media are used for political messaging, they foster a politics of flow, which is calling into question that norms and values of our traditional political system. 

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