Dissertation: Promoting mathematical dialogue

PhD student Marie Sjöblom, Faculty of Education and Society, defends their dissertation. The dissertation defence is held in the Orkanen building and will be live streamed here.


"Promoting mathematical dialogue – students' and teachers' listening, questioning and participation"

Abstract and fulltext in Diva

Faculty examiner

Professor Despina Potari, University of Athens

Examining Committee

Professor Uwe Gellert, Freie universitet of Berlin

Professor Angelika Kullberg, University of Gothenburg

Professor Andreas Ryve, Mälardalen university

Back up: Associate professor Marie Leijon, Malmö university

Chairman of the dissertation

Professor/ head supervisor Clas Olander

Supervisors Professor Clas Olander, Malmö University

Professor Paola Valero, Stockholm University

Live stream

We will be live-streaming the event.

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