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"Everyday life, crime and fear of crime among adolescents and young adults."


Examination committee/opponents

  • Professor Micael Björk, The Department of Sociology and Work Science, University of Gothenburg
  • Professor Vania Ceccato, Division of Urban and Regional Studies, KTH Royal Institute of Technology Professor
  • Professor Anna Dåderman, The Department of Social and Behavioural Studies - Psychology, Pedagogy and Sociology, University West.
  • Deputy/alternate in the committee is Dr Kim Moeller, Department of Criminology, Malmö Umiversity

Chair at defence

Christine Kumlien, Vice Dean and Professor at Department of Care Science, Malmö University.

Main supervisor

Marie Torstensson Levander, Senior Professor


Anna-Karin Ivert, Associate Professor, both at the Department of Criminology, Malmö University.

Live stream

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