The dissertation defence will be streamed live here. 

Title of dissertation

The original sin. On displacement through renoviction in Sweden


The thesis seeks to answer the following research questions:

  • How should the current displacement-induced renovations in Uppsala and Sweden be understood?
  • How is displacement in Uppsala and Sweden experienced by the affected populations?

The section “Displacement dialectics in Sweden” will introduce the reader to Sweden’s housing regime and housing politics through an historical overview of displacement moments in Sweden from the late 1800 to present-day renoviction tactics. This is followed by a chapter detailing the dissertation’s ontological and epistemological vantage points and outlining the theoretical framework used to analyze displacement. It introduces certain takes on phenomenology and critical urban theory and how these two paradigms can reinforce each other through a reading of alienation. This is followed by a brief review on displacement in urban studies literature. The methodological chapter introduces the phenomenological method in brief, and it mostly consists of a series of methodological reflections on subjects such as ethics and the various types of techniques used to gather and analyze data. The conclusion summarizes the main points and arguments outlined in the individual articles enclosed in the thesis, as well as discussions brought up exclusively in this Kappa.

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Dominika Polanska, Docent at Institute for Housing and Urban Research, Uppsala University

Chair of the defence
Jonas Larsen, Professor, geography, Roskilde University

Examining committee
David Pinder, Professor Urban studies, Roskilde University
Stig Westerdahl, Professor, Business Administration, Malmö University
John Andersen, Professor, geography, Roskilde University (Substitute examiner)

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