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Welcome to Anil Incel's dissertation defence

The dissertation defence will be streamed live here and is held in English.

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"Amino acid sequence and side chain specific synthetic receptors targeting protein phosphorylations"


Opponent Prof. Frank Kjeldsen, Professor in Proteomics at Southern Danish University, Odense Denmark

Examination committee

  • Prof. György Marko-Varga, Professor Protein Science and Imaging, Division of Clinical Protein Science, BMC, Lund University Assoc.
  • Prof. Lei Ye, Associate Professor Pure and Applied Biochemistry, Lund University
  • Senior lecturer Sara Lind, Docent at Department of Chemistry - BMC, Uppsala University

Deputy in the committee is Javier Sotres, Associate professor in Biomedical Technology, Malmö University.

Chairman at defence

Prof. Lars Plantin, Department of Social Work, Malmö university

Main supervisor

Prof Börje Sellergren, Department of Biomedical Science, Malmö University


Docent Maria Stollenwerk, Department of Biomedical Science, Malmö University

Live stream

We will be live-streaming the event. Documenting the event is of public interest and the processing of this data is therefore in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.