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Welcome to listen to the docent lecture by Ju Liu

Digital transformation toward sustainability in real estate companies: an innovation system perspective


Digital transformation has been slow in real estate companies in the past decade. With the unexpected Covid-19 pandemic, a forced acceleration of digital transformation occurs and it presents numerous challenges to real estate companies, such as, the lack of transition support, the outdated systems and data, the resistance from employees, the urgent need for capacity, etc. Taking real estate companies’ digital transformation as an innovation process, this lecture introduces the situation of digital transformation in real estate industry and its implication to sustainability. It also presents a research agenda from innovation system perspective to understand the dynamics of the digital transformation process, the interaction among different stakeholders, and the institutional environment that supports or hinders the transformational process. The lecture offers an opportunity to take a glance at the complex digital transformation as an innovation process whose success does not only depends on the reaction of the real estate companies but also the various stakeholders in the industry and beyond.