Inventing tomorrow

Welcome to a free screening of the documentary film Inventing Tomorrow at Babel in Malmö. The School of Arts and Communication (K3) at Malmö University is inviting visitors to this film screening as part of its 20th anniversary celebrations.

Before the screening, there will be a set with DJ Farkas and a presentation on how K3 is currently working with research for the future. After the film, we’ll offer cake and a chance to meet and mingle with K3 employees.

Doors open at 19.00, the K3 presentation starts at 19.45, and the film screening starts at 20.00. The film will be English and the talk will be in Swedish.

K3 is celebrating its 20th anniversary!

Since 1998, K3 at Malmö University has brought together culture, technology, design and communication in new and innovative ways. We work with interdisciplinary education and research that combines scientific and academic theory with artistic methods and practices. To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we’re inviting Malmö locals, our collaborative partners, students and alumni to take part in open talks and new encounters.

“Inventing Tomorrow” documentary film

With visionary ideas, talent and a large dose of imagination, budding researchers from all over the world are striving to qualify for the world championship in science. But that’s not all; 16-year-old Sahithi from India is trying to find a solution to the pollution in Bangalore’s beautiful water landscape which fills the city’s streets with troublesome heaps of toxic foam. At the same time, her young colleagues from Hawaii, Mexico and Indonesia are looking for equally original solutions to solve similar urgent problems in their own countries.

Doc Lounge

Doc Lounge facilitates unique experiences, encounters and discussions that focus on new documentary films. Doc Lounge was started in 2006. For more than ten years, the organisation has been launching and distributing documentary films by using innovative strategies for attracting audiences, conducting development projects in the industry and organising conceptual event viewings across the Nordic countries. Operations are managed by the head office in Malmö where you’ll also find Doc Lounge’s flagship club. The club and concert hall, Babel, is in located in the multicultural Möllevången neighbourhood and hosts weekly screenings of new documentary films.