Forskning på tapeten

Marwa Debaieh, Associate professor, Department of Urban Studies

Marwa, who is an architect specializes in sustainable and environmentally conscious architecture. She has worked for more than 20 years in the field of zero-emission and passive earth buildings, sustainable architectural conservation, climate responsive design, climate-neutral architectural design. In her research, she looks at climate-neutral construction, in the context of temporary buildings for refugees. Her work includes both life cycle analyses of building materials and research on human-centered, participatory design methods.

In Research on display Marwa talks about her text: "A life cycle assessment of a ‘minus carbon’ refugee house: global warming potential and sensitivity analysis" (in International Journal of Architectural Research, 2020. Volume 14 Issue 3) and about previous research that has inspired her and led to the text.

The seminar is open to all. No registration is required.



Research on display - new perspectives in climate research

Research on display is one of the University library's initiatives aimed at shedding light on research at Malmö University. With this initiative, we want to highlight our researchers and provide more insight into which texts have inspired them and have enriched their research.

In the autumn of 2021, Research on display will be digital. Researchers, students, and other employees at Mau are given the opportunity to listen to a series of short seminars with conversations with three different researchers. They have in common that they research different perspectives on climate change and environmental issues.