Forskning på tapeten med Patrik Baard

Patrik Baard, Postdoc, Department of Global Political Studies

Patrik has a Ph.D. in philosophy and his current postdoc is at GPS, focusing on justice and normative issues in the construction and assessment of energy scenarios. Patrik’s specialties include moral philosophy, applied ethics, environmental ethics, climate justice, and decision-making under uncertainty.

In Research on display Patrik talks about his text: "Conflicting advice: Resolving conflicting moral recommendations in climate and environmental ethics" (in Walsh, Z., and Henning, B. (eds.) Ethics Beyond Anthropos: Climate Change Ethics and the Non-human World) and about previous research that has inspired him and led to the text.

The seminar is open to all. No registration is required.



Research on display - new perspectives in climate research

Research on display is one of the University library's initiatives aimed at shedding light on research at Malmö University. With this initiative, we want to highlight our researchers and provide more insight into which texts have inspired them and have enriched their research.

In the autumn of 2021, Research on display will be digital. Researchers, students, and other employees at Mau are given the opportunity to listen to a series of short seminars with conversations with three different researchers. They have in common that they research different perspectives on climate change and environmental issues.