Augmented and Virtual Reality: enhancing our understanding of cultural heritage, a lecture with Jay Bolter

Museums and cultural heritage sites face the challenge of attracting new interest and maintaining visitor numbers, especially with younger audiences. Augmented reality (AR) is considered to be the future to preserving our historic past by enhancing understanding and learning experiences at cultural heritage sites. Jay David Bolter, the Wesley Chair of New Media at the Georgia Institute of Technology, is currently a guest professor at Malmö University. Collaborating with research colleagues, he creates AR applications to stage dramatic and narrative experiences to enhance the learning experience. While historical artefacts are often moved away, AR technology allows the visitor to experience a virtual reality world featuring computer-generated 3D reconstructions of archaeological sites. This research could bridge the gap between the museums and the cultural sites.

The lecture is a part of the lecture series Inside the mind of a professor, where you can meet and mingle with Malmö University researchers. The event is free of charge and everyone is welcome. There will be drinks and snacks for sale.