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Mikael Spånguniversitetslektorcitat	Forskning om demokrati och mänskliga rättigheter	citatMikael Spång. Docent i statsvetenskap. Undervisning i mänskliga rättigheter, demokrati samt politisk och social teori.

Welcome to the inaugural lecture by Mikael Spång, professor of Political Science.

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"Statistics and Governing"

KS is delighted to be inaugurating ten new professors at the Faculty during the 2021 Annual Academic Celebration. As there are more professors to inaugurate than in previous years, KS has decided to change the format of the inaugural lectures this year. All lectures will be taking place over the course of three mornings, where each professor will be interviewed, holds a lecture and answers questions for 30 minutes. Additionally, all professors will have the opportunity to give a longer lecture later in the autumn semester.


Magnus Nilsson, Pro Dean KS. During the lectures, viewers have the opportunity to send questions to the professors via the moderator at

At Malmö university and via livestream

All lectures will be held in auditorium B1 at Niagara. The auditorium has a maximum capacity of half the seats at the moment, which is 45 people in total, to avoid risk of infection. No registration is required, but please note that seating is limited. We will livestream the event. Documenting the event is of public interest and the processing of this data is therefore in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. 

During the week of the Annual Academic Celebration and the lectures, there will also be a big international conference taking place in Malmö. The Swedish government and Prime Minister Stefan Löfvén have invited international heads of state and government from 50 different countries to Malmö. This unique event around the Internationellt forum för hågkomst av Förintelsen och mot antisemitism (International Forum on Holocaust Remembrance and Combating Antisemitism) means that large parts of the streets of Malmö will be closed off. Please make sure you leave a little earlier if you want to attend the lectures at Niagara. You can find more information about the closures at    

We are looking forward to all inaugural lectures at KS and hope that many of you will join – either in person or digitally.

Watch the livestreamed event here