How knowing matters – travelling with Donna Haraway through bodies and technologies

Kerstin Sandell will be giving her first lecture as Professor in Gender Studies. This lecture will be held in English.


Science is often perceived as the solution to save us from contemporary problems and coming catastrophes. Simultaneously, it plays a significant part in these very same problems.

In my lecture, I will navigate this minefield with Donna Haraway as a companion. I will explore the unpredictable practice of acquiring knowledge for a better world while trying to avoid the position of the omniscient oracle. Or as Haraway puts it – by doing the God trick. To illustrate the dilemma in the practice of scholarship, I will refer to some of my research in experiences of using antidepressants, of how midwives learn to discern between the normal and the abnormal in ultrasound scanning and, lastly, how to design instruments in experimental science for the future. Ultimately I want to pose the question of why and how to engage in this endeavour called science.


Karina Villacura (doktorand på Urbana studier)