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K3 and Data Society research seminar

In this seminar, the three researchers in the VR financed project: Navigating visibility in contexts of political homophobia: development actors and LGBTQ rights defenders in Uganda and Russia will present glimpses from three different substudies.

Emil Edenborg shares results of interviews he conducted digitally with Russian LGBTI activists during spring and summer 2022, some of which have relocated to neighboring countries, while others continue working in Russia. The activists speak of radically increased repression in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Cecilia Strand will present some preliminary results from an ongoing study on the Ugandan LGBT+ community’s use and interaction on Twitter. The study explores the role of self-controlled digital spaces in media environments where LGBT+ human rights defenders have limited opportunities to self-represent and conduct advocacy in traditional media spaces.

Jakob Svensson will present first ideas from empirical data gathered June this year during the 10 year celebration of Ugandas first Pride.

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