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Welcome to the 50 percent PhD seminar Mixed Reality in Public Space: Site-Specific Choreography and Interaction Design

Marika Hedemyr, PhD candidate in Interaction Design at School of Arts and Communication (K3), will present the research project Mixed Reality in Public Space: Site-Specific Choreography and Interaction Design.


Jonas Fritsch, Associate Professor in Interaction Design, IT University of Copenhagen.

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The seminar is held in English, on Zoom. The Zoom link is found below. 

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Research project

Hedemyr’s PhD project draws together choreography and interaction design in order to create and analyse augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) works with attention to ethics and agency, and in which the body is central. It entails research through practice, includes creation of several public full scale mixed reality walks as case studies, and the articulation of such a composition practice. Central concepts are relationality, embodiment, site-specificity, ethics and politics.

At the current phase three site-specific mixed reality walks have been created, launched, and opened to the general public: Next to You at Korsvägen (2017), ENTER Mölndal – Kvarnbyn (2018/2019) and ENTER Mölndal – Tulebosjön (2018). These are both professional commissioned work for an art biennial and museums, and case studies for the research project.

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