Welcome to attend the seventh of our Knowledge for Change seminars.
Professor Angela Creese, University of Stirling, Scotland, UK, will present her lecture:

Translanguaging as pedagogy in and beyond the classroom: Inclusive teaching and learning?​

In superdiverse settings people deploy a variety of communicative resources to communicate, to make meaning, and to learn – they “translanguage”. In this lecture Angela Creese will present examples of encounters between people in migration and post-migration settings to illustrate translanguaging in practice. Furthermore, drawing on the results of research which investigates the implications of everyday communicative practices for pedagogy in higher education, Angela Creese will discuss the transformative potential in translanguaging, as well as social and linguistic diversity as a resource for successful learning.

Professor Angela Creese from the University of Stirling, UK, is a leading scholar in the field of linguistic ethnography, studying language in social life and the relationship between language and identities in superdiverse contexts where communication is mobile and complex.
The research programme at Malmö University Perspectives on literacy and inclusive subject teaching in a multilingual society has invited Angela Creese to learn more in particular about her recent work on translanguaging as a strategy for teaching and learning.

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