Leading healthy organizational interventions: The role of line managers in making interventions work

Lecture by Professor Karina Nielsen, Institute of Work Psychology at the Sheffield University Management School.

About the lecture

Organizational-level interventions, i.e. interventions that aim to change the way work is organised, designed and managed in order to improve employee psychological health and well-being are widely recommended.
According to Professor Nielsen one key player in organizational interventions are line managers. They are often the ones who are tasking with planning, implementing and supporting these interventions. In many intervention models and national approaches to organizational interventions, senior management support is often emphasized, but the role of leaders at the first line level in the organisation has received less attention.

In her presentation, Karina Nielsen will present state of the art of the role of line managers in organizational interventions. It has been argued that line managers can either make or break and intervention and they play and important role of leading the way. Professor Nielsen will explore what the role of these leaders is and discuss why line managers at may “break~” and intervention rather than “making it”. She argues that there are important contextual factors that may lead to such behaviours and we need to understand how we can support line managers in making interventions work.

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