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The installation Tender Time was created collaboratively by the members of the Medea Lab together with ten students. At the seminar we will discuss the rather complex making of the installation, but we will also discuss the work as (artistic) research. What does it say of our tender time?

Tender Time

Medea Lab is currently showing the multimedia installation Tender Time in Venice as part of the exhibition Time Space Existence. Taking the Voyager space mission and its golden record as a point of departure, the installation invites visitors to explore the vulnerabilities that continue to haunt our current moment of continuous planetary crisis, our own tender time. It includes an immersive video projection, an original soundscape composition, a single screen video narrative, printed material with augmented reality experience and a bespoke book designed to collect the written regrets of visitors.

Tender Time project

Time Space Existence website

Medea lab

Medea Lab, Malmö University, is a transdisciplinary media lab, part of K3, where researchers and artists address cultural and societal challenges through experiments, installations and interventions. The research focus is on media, design, art, and public engagement. Established in 2009, recent projects have dealt with topics such as interstellar space exploration, artificial creativity, the politics of listening, hauntology, collaborative songwriting, and transmedia storytelling.


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