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Beint Magnus Aamodt Bentsen, PhD Student, Malmö University

Discussant: Sayaka Osanami Törngren, Associate professor, Malmö University

In my PhD project I explore some aspects of how adolescents in Sweden live with and react to ethnic diversity. My focus so far has been on how we can explain variations in intergroup attitudes among adolescents in Sweden, and how these attitudes affect behavior.

The work that has been completed so far consists of two texts:

  1. Negative attitudes among adolescents in Sweden (manuscript)
    Negative intergroup attitude among adults have been of academic interest for a long time, and even more so with increased migration to Europe in recent years. Building on recent insights from intergroup contact theory this paper extends knowledge of the effect that contact has on negative attitudes to youth in Sweden. Several measures of contact on different levels are used to understand what effect superficial types of contact have on negative attitudes, after controlling for the effect of personal friendships. Secondarily, I attempt to answer the question: Does contact have a different impact on negative attitudes among youth that have low relative to high levels of negative attitudes.
  2. The determinants of (right-wing) political engagement among adolescents in Sweden (Published) Right-wing political parties have found electoral success in many European countries in recent decades and Sweden is no longer an exception. In three consecutive elections, the Sweden Democrats (SD) went from 5.7 per cent of the votes in 2010 and 12.9 per cent in 2014 to 17.5 per cent in 2018; many studies have tried to explain this political condition. In this text we try to answer the questions: To what extent does the future potential electorate—adolescents—resemble the current political situation in Sweden? Are adolescents influenced by this trend, or do the young have a different political affinity to adults?

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