Presenter: Lisa Green, Programme & Operations Coordinator, Danish Refugee Council

Title: Expatriate humanitarians working in displacement crises – A mixed-method research of occupational stress and impacts of job performance


This thesis looks to contribute to not only identifying stressors experienced in the humanitarian context of working in displacement emergencies, but also how these stressors affect job performance outcomes of Stand-by Roster deployees specifically. The study uses a mixed-methods research design to analyze initial quantitative mission surveys, further supported by and expanded upon by the qualitative follow-up interviews with deployees. Furthermore, results show that stressors identified by expatriate humanitarian workers align with those categorized by Cavanaugh et al.’s Challenge-Hindrance Stressor Framework including both challenge stressors (i.e. workload pressures) and hindrance stressors (i.e. role ambiguity, colleague behavior, resource inadequacy). Results also identified additional work-related stressors outside of this theoretical framework. Refuting what was originally proposed as a hindrance stressor for the purpose of this study, findings determined security risk stress as a challenge stressor instead. Feelings of commitment as well as public service motivation further serve as mediators in stressors negatively impacting job performance.

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