Ezgi Irgil is a PhD Student at the Department of Political Science at Gothenburg University.


This paper introduces a new concept called spatial strategies in delineating natives’ behaviours towards refugees further expanding the attitudinal studies. I define this concept as the actions natives adopt in their everyday life in relation to newcomers’ use of various urban public spaces of a particular district following sudden refugee influx. Natives that fall under this category has two elements: continues to live in the area following the demographic change and experience exposure to refugees, rather than entering into contact. Based on the right to the city theory and inter-ethnic threat theory, I argue that natives adopt these strategies depending on (a) natives’ recognition of Syrians’ use of urban public spaces, and (b) natives’ perspectives on whether they can avoid exposure to Syrians in urban public spaces. In providing evidence, I conducted sixty semi-structured interviews with native residents in Bursa, Turkey, to provide original and unique qualitative empirical material. The seminar will be held in English.

The seminar will be held in English.

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