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Reclaiming one’s time: Attempts of temporal synchronizations among refugee professionals in Oslo and Malmö


Katarina Mozetič, doctoral research fellow, Department of Sociology and Human Geography, University of Oslo, Norway


It has been observed that asylum seekers and refugees have, in many respects, lost command over their own time. The rhythm and velocity of their journeys are dictated by smugglers and border controls, the protractedness of their dwelling in refugee camps rests on the lottery of the transnational resettlement regime. Once in the country of destination, asylum application procedures impose upon them lengthy waiting periods and uncertain futures. That said, numerous scholars have documented the ways asylum seekers and refugees seek to regain control over their time and to engage with the imposed temporal orders.

This presentation hopes to contribute to these debates by analysing how refugee integration trajectories are characterized by the loss and re-attainment of individual’s grip of time. More particularly, I am interested in how refugees attempt to mould the temporal aspects of their integration so that they align with their own needs, and how these endeavours are shaped by diverging integration contexts. To do so, the presentation takes for its empirical example the licensure procedures that highly educated refugees partake in to re-enter their medical and teaching professions in Norway and Sweden.

The seminar will be held in English and via Zoom.