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Welcome to the Migration seminar

Teaching migration from a multidisciplinary perspective

In this panel debate, program heads from migration master’s in the universities of Malmö (Sweden), Linköping (Sweden), Osnabrück (Germany) and Neuchatel (Switzerland) discuss experiences, benefits and challenges of teaching migration from a multidisciplinary perspective.

What are the main subjects and sources of inspiration in migration studies? What is the core and canonical readings? What is important but often omitted? And, to what extent does a multidisciplinary approach facilitate understanding of migration phenomena? After an initial round of opening addresses and replies, the audience is invited to comment, ask questions and share insights. Students are especially encouraged to share their own experiences being in a multidisciplinary environment.


Christian Fernández, associate professor of political science, Malmö University
Anna Bredström, associate professor of ethnicity and migration, Linköping University
Jens Schneider, associate professor of anthropology, University of Osnabrück
Gianni D’Amato, professor of migration and citizenship studies, University of Neuchatel

You can participate IRL at Niagara, Malmö University, or via zoom

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Meeting ID: 623 4429 0577
Passcode: 441461