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winners of the MIM Master Awards 2022

South-South migration: media’s representation of Venezuelan refugees in Brazil

Speaker: Bruna Badaró, graduate from Malmö University’s IMER master’s program.


In this presentation, I will present my master's essay which explores South-South migration, more specifically the media’s representation of Venezuelan refugees in Brazil. The fact that South-South migration has so far been a relatively understudied topic and the relevant and fast-escalating displacement of people from Venezuela were the motivations for the study.

Twenty-one articles published between 2016-2021 by three mainstream conservative Brazilian newspapers were analyzed, using Fairclough’s three-dimensional model of Critical Discourse Analysis and the theoretical concepts of stereotyping and othering, from a decolonial perspective. Fairclough´s three-dimensional CDA framework comprehends the analysis between the three dimensions of a communicative event: text, discursive practice, and sociocultural practice. The analysis was hence divided into three parts: description (text), interpretation (discursive practice), and explanation (social practice).

The findings give some insight into South-South migration, showing that Venezuelan refugees were associated with negative aspects, comprehending two sub-discourses: in the first one, they were constructed as the origin of diseases at the borders and associated with violence and societal tension, and in the second one they were constructed as exploited, underemployed and poorly integrated into the formal labor market.

Unaccompanied foreign minors in the Spanish media

Speaker: Tábata Martín Olea, graduate from Malmö University’s IMER master’s program.


Ever since Spain became an immigration country, unaccompanied foreign minors – often referred to by the acronym ‗menas‘– have become the subject of media coverage. This study departs from the premise that the media constructs reality. Media representations of migrants must therefore be examined to uncover their impact in the social world. This research analyses representations of unaccompanied foreign minors in the press editorials published between 2018 and 2022. Frame analysis informs the theoretical framework of this thesis and it is applied through the constant comparative technique.

This work uncovers seven different frames. Whereas the victim/threat dichotomy is the most prevalent throughout the newspapers, positive representations are also found. While newspapers within the liberal-conservative political spectrum frame unaccompanied minors in both positive and negative ways, this is not the case for the far-right and left-wing newspapers. The analysis also finds changes in framing according to decisive political events.


Anders Hellström, Senior lecturer, Malmö University


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