Carolin Schütze, PostDoc, Copenhagen Business School
Sayaka Osanami Törngren, Associate Professor, Malmö University


Racial color-blindness is a prominent concept in the field of Critical Race Studies in the US but is less prominent and still an emerging and underutilized conceptual tool in the European and Swedish context. Existing research measures color-blind attitudes defined as “a belief that race does not and should not matter” qualitatively and quantitatively. Frankenburg (1993), Bonilla-Silva (2008) and Neville et al (2000)’s work can be named as some of the scholars whose work are central to the theorization of color-blindness and color-blind attitudes in the US context. What happens when we translate these US measurements and understandings of color-blind racial attitudes in Swedish context? What are the results that we can obtain and observe from there, and do we see different patterns of attitudes? In this presentation, we summerize results from various qualitative and quantitative research we have conducted which employed the aforementioned theoretical frameworks during the period of 2009-2020 in Sweden. Based on the results we discuss the possibilities, limitations and implications of replicating the theoretical concepts from the US to the Swedish context. This discussion not only contributes to the theoretical and methodological understanding of color-blind racial attitudes in the European context, but also highlights the prominence of racial color-blindness in Sweden.

The seminar will be held in English and via zoom;
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