Vy över Malmö stad med Turning Torso i blickfånget

God in Disguise, by Lars-Erik Larsson, is performed in concert on the traditional National Day of Sweden at St. John’s Church, Malmö 

God in Disguise is cherished by Malmö Academic Choir and Orchestra, as it is throughout Sweden. Larsson's warm harmonies and shimmering solo melodies, delivered by both the choir and orchestra, give life to Hjalmar Gullberg's poem of the same name. The poem reflects the saga from Greek mythology, when Apollo came down to earth in disguise as a farm worker, and spread light and transformation to his surroundings. 

The concert is the ensemble’s preparation for their annual tour, and we hope you can come and celebrate with us.

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Time of event: 6 June at 16.00

Duration: TBD

Venue: St. John's Church, Malmö 

Tickets: Via Kulturcentralen, or at the door (tickets on the door are subject to availability) 

We are following the government and the public health authority's request for vaccination certificates at concert events without social distancing. Therefore, we check vaccination certificates together with identification at the entrance to our concerts. If you are over 18 and do not have a vaccination certificate and have already bought a ticket - please contact Kulturcentralen for a repurchase.