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Open Urban Seminars is a public seminar series organized by the Department of Urban Studies and The Institute for Studies in Malmö's History.

This time we are delighted to present Janet Johansson, Linköping University, and Alice Wickström, Gothenburg University.

The seminar will take its starting point in a recently co-authored paper published in Gender, Work and Organization which is the first journal dedicated to the organization of gender and the gendering of organizations. Drawing on a recognition-based approach to inclusion, it is discussed how minority and majority organizational members negotiate tensions related to representing, and being made to represent, diversity.

Johansson, Janet, Janne Tienari, and Alice Wickström. “The Power and Burden of Representing Diversity in a Performing Arts Organization: A Recognition-Based Approach.” Gender, Work and Organization, January 1, 2023.

Read the article here (