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Across Europe we see divided nations and communities and how citizens feel left behind. Many experience that they have few opportunities to influence their own lives, as well as opportunities to influence the development of society. Involving those concerned is a key component when designing sustainable solutions to the societal challenges of today.

In the panel discussion, participants will reflect on and explore the problems of democracy and suggest different ways forward. How can we empower citizens and assure that we not only give high quality access but also assure that we give voice to people in the margins, to the excluded or forgotten? How important is community involvement and empowerment for social innovation and for democracy? What different innovative ideas, alternatives and models are there of doing this? What can we achieve when involving a diversity of perspectives, from all sectors and target groups in society, in designing solutions for tomorrow? How can we reimagine democracy?  


  • Swati Banerjee, (PhD) Professor and Program Convenor at the School of Social Work, Centre for Livelihoods and Social Innovation at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS),
  • Mumbai Katja Reppel, Head of Unit Directorate-Generale Research and Innovation (RTD), European Commission and,
  • Gorka Espiau Idoiaga (PhD) the Director at the “Agirre Lehendakaria Center for Social and Political Studies”.
  • The talk is moderated by Erin Cory, Assistant professor and senior lecturer at Malmö University.

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The Social Innovation Foresight series is arranged by Mötesplats Social Innovation