Malmö Academic Orchestra meets Hazelius Hedin

Entrance fee: Optional
Tickets can be bought through Kulturcentralen and at the door 


Hazelius Hedin is a colourful folk music duo comprised of Esbjörn Hazelius and Johan Hedin. With dazzling talent, rare emotion and impressive drive, they infuse Swedish dance songs with captivating musicality. In recent years, the duo has made their mark on both Swedish and international folk music scenes, creating a name for themselves beyond the boundaries of their genre.

Malmö Academic Orchestra will meet Hazelius Hedin for an evening of playful music imbued with dance rhythms. Folk music has always been an important part of art music, reflected in the works of many major composers as a vital component of national identity. We look forward to this musical encounter and the chance to explore Swedish folk music and its heritage together with Hazelius Hedin.

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