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Image from research group Climaginaries

Welcome to a seminar with the research group Climaginaries!

The relevance of climate change and sociotechnical transformations can be hard to grasp for many actors. In order to make climate futures graspable, there is a need for collective worldbuilding, and the telling of nuanced, place-specific stories about how our lives might change for the better, as well as for the worse.

In recent years, the Climaginaries collective (based around Lund University) have developed various public pedagogies which—through experimentation, narratives and speculative design—unlock imagination to portray the possibilities of meaningful life in a fossil-free future. These include:

  • The Rough Planet Guide to Notterdam 2045 (a tourist guide to a fictional decarbonized European city)
  • Carbon Ruins: an exhibition of the fossil era (a museum of the present as seen from a decarbonised future)
  • Memories From the Transition (a 2-hour immersive soundwalk set in Malmö)

At the seminar, we will outline these different pedagogies, highlighting their various affordances and the kinds of political work that they accomplish. We look forward to taking questions on all aspects of these projects, from the theoretical to the practical.

With: Ludwig Bengtsson Sonesson; Paul Graham Raven; Johannes Stripple; Department of Political Science, Lund University.

Arranged by the research platform Collaborative Future-Making