Once you've found the perfect programme to study, you need to find a place to live. There are a number of student housing options — we recommend you start looking early!

How to find student housing in Malmö

In Malmö you can find student apartments in all parts of the city. The buildings are run by housing agencies and mostly advertised through Boplats Syd.

Rental apartments — Boplats Syd

The majority of available apartments, both student apartments and regular apartments, are advertised through the housing agency Boplats Syd. Please note that almost all student housing is unfurnished and that if you cannot provide a guarantor with a Swedish bank account, most often you need to pay three months’ rent in deposit (plus one month’s rent in advance) to sign the contract. 

  • How quickly you will receive an apartment offer is based on how long you have been on the waiting list, which is why it is wise to register as early as possible. 
  • Use the Google Translate function on the website so you can read the content in English.
  • If you do not have a Swedish personal identification number, tick 'no' under the statement 'I have a Swedish personal'.

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Temporary housing

It might take a while to find student housing, for example in connection to the start of the semester. If you are in urgent need of housing, you can find a list of hostels here. 

Hostels in Malmö

To help students and alleviate the housing shortage, the Student Union Malmö organises the Sofa Project at the beginning of the autumn semester. 

Go to the Sofa Project

Good to know when looking for student housing

Here you can find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. 

Sharing student housing with a non-student

Provided that the property owner is okay with two tenants sharing an apartment, it might be possible to share student housing, as long as the person signing the contract is a student. Please note that this is not always the case in the smaller student apartments, as sometimes the landlord only accepts one tenant.

Student housing for families

There are a few student apartments suitable for students with families; however, these are all two-bedroom apartments. If you need a larger apartment, you primarily have two options. You can either find a regular rental apartment or try to find something suitable through subletting.

Rent-free months

For the majority of student housing, rent is paid ten out of twelve months of the year (two months during the summer are rent-free).

Paying a deposit

If you do not have a Swedish bank account, you must have a guarantor with a Swedish bank account, or you might have to pay three months’ rent in deposit (plus one month’s rent in advance) in order to sign a rental agreement. This is regardless of whether you are looking for housing via Boplats Syd or through a private landlord.

Many private landlords often request you to pay a deposit. If your landlord requires a deposit, it is important, that the contract clearly states the conditions for refunds. Always keep all rent receipts and payment details of the deposit, such as a bank statement.

Accessible housing for students with disabilities

There are a few student apartments in Malmö that are suitable for students with disabilities. There are, for example, two student housing units at Malmö Studenthus which are fully adapted with kitchen appliances with adjustable heights. 

Boplats Syd lists the homes that are fully or partly accessible. Boplats Syd's policy stipulates that people in need of accessible housing are not given priority.

Home insurance

If you live in a student apartment or in a rental apartment, you must have home insurance. Many insurance companies currently offer special insurance deals for students; the conditions of these can vary between companies. We recommend that you contact different insurance companies to find the best offer.

If you sublet somebody's apartment or are a lodger, the original tenant's insurance does not usually cover damage that you cause. To avoid unnecessary costs, check with an insurance company to clarify coverage, or get insurance of your own.

For general questions regarding housing, please contact: