In order to reduce the risk of spreading the Coronavirus, the library will only offer digital service.

For students and staff

  • The Orkanen Library is only open for students and staff with Multicards for the immediate future. Opening hours are Monday - Thursday 8.00-20.00, Friday 08-17.00.
    The information desk will be closed but the library staff are available via chat, email and phone.
  • The IT support in the library will be closed. If you need help, you can get support via chat, email or phone.
  • All your loans (including requested books) will be extended automatically, with a new due date of April 20.
  • The Faculty of Health and Society and the Faculty of Odontology libraries are completely closed during this period. If you need books from these libraries, at the moment it's possible to request them even if they are available. The requested books can only be picked up at the Orkanen library.
  • When your requested books are ready to pick up you will get notified by e-mail as usual. But as we are currently having problems with our emails to Hotmail-users, it may be a good idea to log in to "My Loans" to see the status of your books.
  • Note! The only place to return books is the Orkanen Library.

For the general public

If you are not a student at Malmö university you will not be able to borrow, return or request books during the period when the University's houses are closed.

All books you have borrowed already will have a new return date on April 20th.

Contact us

Contact us if you have any questions, want to suggest a book (electronic or printed) or if you have problems finding scholarly literature.


Phone: 040-665 73 00

Or chat with us!

Questions & answers

Is the library open?

The Orkanen Library is open for students and staff at the university. Keep in mind that you need to bring your multi-card and pin code in order to be able to enter the library and to borrow books.

The Health and society Library and the Odontological Library are completely closed.

Why can't I renew my books?

For the moment being all borrowed books are automatically renewed, including the requested books. The return date is currently April 20, but this date may be postponed. Therefore, no books can be renewed manually.

How do I find my pin code?

Log in at Click on "Profile". At the bottom of this page, you will find the heading "Multi-card", click on "Manage" to see or change your pin code.

Is it possible to borrow books from the Odontological Library and the Health and society Library right now?

Since both HS and OD libraries are completely closed right now, it is possible to order books that are available there. Make a request in Libsearch and pick up at the Orkanen Library after receiving a message via e-mail.

Is it possible to request books that are available at the Orkanen Library?

Yes and no. Some of the available books at the Orkanen Library's can be requested, but keep in mind that the quickest way to get the book is always to visit us and borrow it yourself. Also keep in mind that even if you have requested the book, there is no guarantee that we will be able to put it away for you before someone else borrows it. This is due to limited staffing in the library right now.

How do I pay my overtime fees when the library information desk is not open?

As a Malmö University student, you can pay your overtime fees online.

  • Log in to "My loans" with your first name and multi-card number. If you have an overtime fee to pay, you will see the link "Paying overtime fees online".
  • Click on the link and log in with your computer identity (the same login used for eg Canvas) to get to the payment page. To pay, click the "To the payment page" link.
  • Fill in your details in the fields on the payment page, then click "Pay".
    Clear! Once the purchase has been completed, a confirmation will be sent to you via email.

Can I, who am not a student at Malmö University, borrow or return books?

Unfortunately, you can neither return nor borrow books right now unless you are a student at the university. If you still want to return books, you can send them by mail. Have you received an invoice for one or more books, contact us on e-mail: