Join Malmö University Library’s climate fiction book clubs, one in English and one in Swedish! The book clubs are open to all students at Malmö University. Together we will read and discuss fiction about climate and environment in a social and casual setting.

This semester we will be reading The End of the Ocean by Maja Lunde

All participants get the book for free!


Swedish: Tuesday, November 17 at 16-17 and Tuesday, December 8 at 16-17
English: Thursday, November 19 at 16-17 and Thursday, December 10 at 16-17

The book clubs will end with a joint lecture by Alexandra Nikoleris from
Lund University. Nikoleris´s research focuses on how we narrate climate change
and how these narrations affect climate action. The lecture is held on December 15 at 16 o´clock.


via the digital meeting tool Zoom


no previous knowledge needed, come as you are.

Sign up!

You’re welcome to sign up before October 31, a limited number of participants:



About the bookclubs

The reading groups are part of Narrating Climate Futures, a collaborate initiative led by researchers
at Lund University. Narrating Climate Futures explore various narratives on climate change and various techniques to narrate them. The initiative has been running since 2017 and is open to anyone who
wants to explore the potential power of storytelling to catalyse the political, economic, and social
changes needed for sustainable transitions to limit global warming.