Some of the library’s services for getting access to journal articles are temporarily unavailable as we are changing systems.

If you get stuck, search for the journal article in Libsearch

– Or contact the Library via chat or email!

Google Scholar

There’s a new library link  ”Malmö University – Fulltext via Mau”. It’s already selected if you use the links to Google Scholar from the library web, and you can also change the settings in Google Scholar.
In Google Scholar, go to "Library Links" and search for Malmö University and select "Malmö University - Fulltext via Mau".

PubMed and databases

If the connection find full text at Malmö University is temporarily unavailable in a database, search for the article in Libsearch or Google Scholar, where the linking works fine.


If the interlibrary form for ordering books is temporarily unavailable, use this form

Journals A-Z

We have a new list of journals