Hand sanitiser, face masks, protective gloves, mouth guards, and surface treatment alcohol were collected at Malmö University to donate to the casualty department of the region’s university hospital.

The action followed an appeal from Region Skåne, the local municipality.

The corona pandemic has meant that the entire healthcare system is currently suffering from a deficit of hygiene and disposable items, such as oral protection and hand alcohol. Region Skåne has turned to local universities for help, a request that Lund University has also answered.

The staff at the Faculty of Odontology believe that protective equipment and hygiene items should be used by those who most need them during the current emergency.

"Of course, we will help with what we can to make it easier for healthcare," says Gunilla Klingberg, Dean of the Faculty of Odontology.

On Thursday, the faculty gathered its entire store of the items and delivered them directly to the Skåne University Hospital, which is located just metres away from the University campus where the equipment was stored.

University staff have also collected hand sanitiser from various University buildings. In total, around 63 litres of santiser and 10,000 disposable gloves, which were handed over by Eva-Marie Strandh, head of cleaning services.

"The response was immediate. An inventory resulted in a lot of items that will benefit the emergency services more than us right now,” says Klingberg.