The artistic interpretation of scientific research will make the world under the microscope larger than life at an exhibition by an artist in collaboration with Biofilms – Research Center for Biointerfaces.

The exhibition will coincide with the research centre’s 14th annual conference. International academics and industry representatives are set to gather for seminars under the theme of ‘biomarkers – methods and technologies.’

For the duration of the conference, to be held from October 25-26, the exhibit will feature a series of large digital prints and two films. The art works were created by British artist Jo Berry using laboratory imaging techniques which she collected while observing Professor Johan Engblom and his colleagues.

“The images I created are compilations of fragments from exploring the data and the experience. I was listening to what they were doing, I was taking notes, I was trying to understand from a completely layperson’s perspective why they do what they do,” Berry said.

She was observing Engblom while he was carrying out research on the project ‘Dermal Drug Delivery – How to increase bioavailability in viable skin?’

Berry says she is fascinated with imaging and the processes of how something is produced, the people behind that process and how they work as a team.

“I think an artist can add another dimension to research and help to educate the public in what the scientists are doing, how they do it and why it is so important. There are aspects of what I do that can help communicate science in a different way to a new audience,” she added.

Text: Adrian Grist