Sanjay Thompson has received a Global Swede nomination from Malmö University for his academic achievements, extracurricular engagements and ability to spread positivity among his fellow students.

Annually, the Swedish Institute, The Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation and The Ministry for Foreign Affairs acknowledge innovative and entrepreneurial students that are excellent representatives of their own countries as well as Sweden. Every Swedish university has the opportunity to nominate an international student for the Global Swede Award.

Originally from Jamaica, Thompson moved to Malmö in 2017 to study criminology.

“I started the criminology programme thinking about how I could help Jamaica solve some of its crime problems and help some of the country’s vulnerable populations. I know I want to contribute to my home country as well as to the field of criminology,” Thompson explains.

I love to network and I like to meet other young people who are inspired and motivated to do good things.

Sanjay Thompson

After finishing his master’s degree this spring he will go on to do a PhD at Lund University. Besides his studies, Thompson works part-time at the University’s International Office housing department where he assists at the dorms and puts on events for students. He is also a digital ambassador for the Swedish Institute’s Study in Sweden programme, a role which entails advocating for Swedish higher education through blog posts as well as photo and video content.

“I put on a lot of social events for students to integrate and have fun while living here. Being away from your family can be difficult. I like to see people happy. It has also helped me, while living here, to be happy. As international students, it’s a new country for all of us,” says Thompson.

“I love to share my experiences with my friends, for example through social media. I thought it would be a great opportunity to share even more, not just for my friends but for other people to see Malmö and Sweden through my eyes.”

Thompson feels humbled by the nomination and honoured to be acknowledged for his activities and efforts. He is also excited to go to Stockholm to attend the award ceremony which will be held at The Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

 “I’m excited to meet the other nominees. I love to network and I like to meet other young people who are inspired and motivated to do good things. I think it will be a room filled with those people,” says Thompson. 

Text: Joanna Arnoldsson