With a mission to achieve equity and sustainability through research and education in the field of design and technology, Malmö University has appointed a new professor at its School of Arts and Communication.

Ann Light, who has a strong background of research into social change, has a growing focus on applying her experience of studying social sustainability and creative practices to long-term environmental issues.

”I am interested in how we make futures; how people come together and make change. I am delighted to be able to extend my work in this area with this appointment and to be able to focus again on design,” she says.

It is important to promote social cohesion for environmental as well as social ends.

In 2016, she was invited to become a visiting professor at The School of Arts and Communication (K3), and began dividing her time between Malmö and the University of Sussex in the UK.

”I really love working with everybody at K3. And I am very impressed with the relationship between the University and the city of Malmö — they really consider each other.

“How we use technology and design in a clever way to make businesses and society sustainable is vital. Interaction Design has a part to play in shaping these futures.

”It is important to promote social cohesion for environmental as well as social ends. There is a danger, with our current ways of thinking, that we merely enable more profit and create more division in our societies.

“Social justice is enormously important; we are all in it together and we need to feel that. That is how we can best respond to the challenges ahead,” Light adds.

Her research in the UK includes a major project on social justice in the digital economy.

”I am looking at the impact that platforms can have – for better or worse. How artificial intelligence and automation are being tipped to take over people’s work and what can be done to make things fairer.”

At Malmö University, Light will be involved in the new research platform, Collaborative Future Making.

Text: Charlotte Orban