The start of the autumn semester at Malmö University will be digital. A significant proportion of the teaching will also continue online until November 8, although exceptions can be made for elements in some courses and programmes. This is in accordance to a new decision made by the Vice-Chancellor.

On-campus exceptions can be made if required, and deemed necessary, to ensure the quality of teaching and examination. More information on the exceptions will be announced in June.

It is our main priority to continuously provide the best study environment possible for our students.

“This decision has been made to facilitate planning for teachers, students, and other staff. Malmö University's management follows the public health authorities' recommendations closely and may reconsider this decision if the recommendations are changed.

“Despite the uncertainty of the development ahead, it is important for the University management to send as clear a message as possible to both students and staff,” says Vice-Chancellor Kerstin Tham.

Malmö University switched to online teaching and examination in March in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, while simultaneously conducting its day-to-day activities. Since then, teachers have worked intensively with the digital transition and students have had to adapt to a different way of study life.

The University management will continue to ensure that the digital transition continues without compromising the quality of education and research. A University plan for pedagogical development of digital tools and for strengthening support for teachers will be presented by June 22.

“It is our main priority to continuously provide the best study environment possible for our students. I would like to extend my gratitude to both students and staff following the extensive work of the spring semester. After a well-deserved summer break, I warmly welcome all students and members of staff to a new semester at Malmö University,” adds the Vice-Chancellor.